What does a restricted ticket mean? (2024)

What does a restricted ticket mean?

Restricted ticket means a ticket to an event that is subject to a restriction that prohibits the purchaser from reselling or otherwise transferring the ticket by any lawful method.

What does restricted view mean on ticket?

A restricted view or side view means that you may be unable to see the entire stage from the specified seats. You'll have either an incomplete view because of the position of the seats, or something may be in your line of sight – like a pole, speakers, or the sound board.

What is the difference between obstructed and restricted view?

Possible obstruction: You may not have a full view of the event from your seat. Restricted view: You'll have a limited view of the event from your seat.

Why do my tickets say obstructed view?

It means you'll have either an incomplete view or something will be in your line of sight because of the position of the seats — like a pole, speakers or the sound board — and you won't be able to see the entire stage.

How bad is restricted view?

A restricted view means that you may be unable to see the entire stage from those seats. You'll have either an incomplete view because of the position of the seats, or something may be in your line of sight – like a pole, speakers, or the sound board.

How do you know if seats are obstructed?

The venue or box office determines if a seat is “obstructed” or “limited” view. They will always print or mark these disclosures on the tickets.

What is the difference between read and restricted view?

Read – Can view pages and list items and documents. Restricted View – Can view pages, list items and documents, but cannot download them.

Are restricted view seats bad?

Some seats at the theatre will be labelled as 'restricted view'. This means that your view of the stage may be partially blocked. Reasons for this can vary from the area above the stage being obscured by the overhang from the dress circle, to a safety rail blocking your eye line.

Is obstructed view worth it?

Obstructed view cabins are extremely popular and are often one of the first cabin grades to book up due to their fantastic value for money. Natural light is aplenty so if the cruise is right, go for it, you won't be disappointed!

What does it mean limited view on Ticketmaster?

Limited View Seats means you'll be unable to see the entire stage from those seats. You'll have either an incomplete view because of the position of the seats in relation to how the artist or band is set up on stage, or something will be in your line of sight like speakers.

What is a limited view ticket on Ticketmaster?

If tickets are marked as an “obstructed” or “limited” view, the venue has determined that those seats do not have a full view of the stage, field, court, ice, etc.

What is the meaning of fare class restricted?

Answer. Restricted fares are our cheapest ticket type. The restricted fare is an online exclusive. This fare is not refundable and no amendments can be made to any part of the ticket. No further discounts, including coachcard discounts, are applicable.

Are side view concert seats good?

Are seats on the side of the stage at a concert bad? Not bad, but definitely different. Side seats (or, even more extremely, behind-the-stage seats) are a way to get a different perspective on the show, and be in closer proximity to the performers.

Will Ticketmaster tell you if you have an obstructed view?

Don't worry, obstructed view tickets are clearly labeled as such at time of purchase. No Stage View / Video View / Listening Only - These are seats that have no view of the stage.

Why is Ticketmaster limiting my tickets?

Why is there a ticket limit? Event Organizers can choose to set a ticket limit on an event to discourage unfair ticket buying practices. This ticket limit is posted during the purchase process and is verified with every transaction.

How do you unlock seats on Ticketmaster?

How do I use Offer Passcodes?
  1. Sign into your My Account.
  2. Select your event and navigate to the ticket search.
  3. Select the Unlock button next to the Filters button and enter your code to see the available seats. Ticketmaster app Ticketmaster.com.
  4. Select your tickets and continue to checkout.

What are the three types of tickets?

There are three types of tickets, economy, business and first class.

What does seating is limited mean?

Limited seating means tickets for certain sections of the show are limited in quantity. This may mean that those tickets are only available in certain areas, or that the capacity for that section of the show is limited.

Why can't I pick my seats on Ticketmaster?

Sometimes for a popular on sale, it is requested that we turn our 'pick a seat' system off and change to 'best available'. This is requested to give people the best opportunity of purchasing a ticket quickly – giving them the best opportunity before tickets sell out.

What is non restricted fare?

If you purchase a ticket that is an unrestricted fare, you can make changes to your flight with no change fee (based on seat availability), but TSF (Ticketing Service Fee) may apply in addition to stopover fees.

What are four types of fare?

Types of fare structure
  • Flat fare. The simplest fare structure is a flat fee with a fixed price for a given service. ...
  • Zone-based fare. ...
  • Transfer fare. ...
  • Distance-based fare. ...
  • Subscription fare. ...
  • Variable fares.

What is restricted vs unrestricted flight?

RE: Restricted And Non-Restricted Seating

Restricted ticketing means just that: restricted in some way. For example, advance purchase, nonrefundable, change fees, etc. Unrestricted tickets mean you pay a premium to be able to cancel and reschedule your flights at will.

Where is it best to sit at a concert?

Look for seats near the soundboard: engineers will mix sound for the entire location based on what they're hearing. Sound waves mostly project in the direction they're pointed, so if you find out where the speakers are, aim to be in their line of sight for the best sound.

What are the best seats at a concert?

Knowing the best place to sit at a concert can heighten your experience quite a bit.
  • Front and Center Is Better for Sight Than Sound. ...
  • Sounds Bounce in the Back of the Room. ...
  • Sound Quality Is Low By the Speakers. ...
  • The Almost-Middle Is the Sweet Spot. ...
  • Replicate the Big Concert Excitement at Home.
Dec 3, 2021

Is it better to sit on the side or center for a concert?

For sound quality I prefer center, 11 rows back or so, in front of the sound board. For the best view 3rd thru 5th row in the center 2/3 of the stage. I generally look for a seat a few rows back so I can see the whole stage, and somewhat on the left side of the auditorium.

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