Usps schedule appointment passport (2024)

Usps schedule appointment passport (1)

For more information about the Postal Service, go to and /postalfacts. Locate a Post Office or other USPS® services such as stamps, passport acceptance, and Self-Service Kiosks. Please Note: For broadcast quality video and audio, photo stills and other media resources, visit the USPS Newsroom at /news/welcome.htm.įor reporters interested in speaking with a regional Postal Service public relations professional, please go to /news/media-contacts/usps-local-media-contacts.pdf.įollow us on /USPS and like us at /USPS. Cant find what youre looking for Visit FAQs for answers to common questions about USPS locations and services. It also explains how to find a USPS location that offers passport services and how to schedule an appointment online. passport, including eligibility, documents, fees, and processing times. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. This article provides essential information about how to apply for or renew a U.S. Schedule an Appointment Alert: Please use our online scheduler, a Post Office lobby self-service kiosk, or visit a Post Office retail counter to make an appointment for first-time passport and photo services. This new feature allows you to preview your mail and manage packages when you’re not home. First-Time Passports (and Passport Photos): Schedule your in-person appointment online. Visit for more information.Īfter scheduling a passport appointment, make sure to click the Informed Delivery button. Passport applications for children under 16 have special requirements. Appropriate passport photo, if passport photo services are not available at the selected Post Office location.(Please note that neither debit nor credit cards are acceptable forms of payment by the Department of State) Acceptable forms of payment can be found on the Department of State website. citizenship and identification documents (these will be sent with the application, but bring originals for proof documentation) Passport services for US citizens are available on a first come, first served basis at the Passport Acceptance Facility at the Downingtown post office in. Proof of identity (valid driver’s license, government employee ID, military ID).Passport form, which can be found at the Department of State website at. The completed DS-11, Application for a U.S.“The RCAS™ tool provides customers with an easy, convenient way to schedule appointments to apply for their passport at one of the 4,800 Post Offices which offer passport services, and some offices offer photo services as well.”įor the appointment, travelers need to bring with them the following items: Department of State,” said Kelly Sigmon, vice president of Retail Operations. “The Postal Service accepts passport applications on behalf of the U.S. Of these, more than 3,100 offer appointments via telephone, and these select offices will also now offer the ability to schedule appointments through the online RCAS™ tool. There are a total of 4,800 Post Offices around the country that offer passport acceptance service. Postal Service has made applying for your passport easier with the launch of the USPS Retail Customer Appointment Scheduler™ tool (RCAS) today on. You must include the details of the marriage on the second page of Form DS-11.WASHINGTON, DC – Are you planning international travel this year? Are you applying for a passport for the first time? If so, the U.S. Please note: You do not need to submit proof of the name change if your name has changed due to marriage andyou present an ID issued in your new name. Fees, which are different depending on your age.Your original or certified name change document, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order (no photocopies or notarized copies).citizenship and photocopy of that evidence

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If you are not eligible to renew your passport by mail using Form DS-82, apply in personand submit the following: How do I apply in person if I cannot renew by mail? UPS, FedEx, DHL, and other companies cannot deliver to the PO Box addresses listed on Form DS-82.

  • Send Form DS-82 and supporting documents using USPS.
  • Fees,which are different depending on your age.
  • Your original or certified name change document, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order.
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    If you areeligibleto renew, submit the following by mail: If you have not applied, your appointment must be scheduled within 14 calendar days of your international travel. Was issued in your current name (or you can document your name change with an original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or court order) Accept all passport forms Require appointments.

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    Was issued when you were age 16 or older.Is undamaged (other than normal "wear and tear").You canrenew by mailusing Form DS-82if your most recent passport: You may be eligible to renew your passport by mail using Form DS-82 or apply in person using Form DS-11.

Usps schedule appointment passport (2024)


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