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Bloomington Post Office

1511 E Empire St, Bloomington, IL 61701

Contact Numbers

Phone: 309-664-4600
Fax: 309-668-0076
TTY: 877-889-2457
Toll-Free: 1-800-Ask-USPS® (275-8777)

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Monday 24 hours
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Monday 7:00pm
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Wednesday 7:00pm
Thursday 7:00pm
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Saturday 3:00pm
Sunday Closed

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Monday 8:30am - 4:15pm
Tuesday 8:30am - 4:15pm
Wednesday 8:30am - 4:15pm
Thursday 8:30am - 4:15pm
Friday 8:30am - 4:15pm
Saturday 10:00am - 12:00pm
Sunday Closed

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McLean County


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Post Office in Bloomington, IL (1)

robert f. holliday


The Bloomington post office is unreliable, delivering my neighbor's mail to me several times. It has lost at least one check I mailed for rent (which I now deliver in person) and lost a Visa bill, which cost me at hour's time at my bank. I see you don't list the postmistress' name any longer on your website. I wonder why? Again, third-world quality..


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (2)

Kay W

I put a hold on my mail that started on 02/05 and ended on 02/20. BPO must have misread the dates and used the start date as the end date. So my mail was delivered during the hold period. Every day. Good thing I had a neighbor checking my mailbox just in case .


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (3)

Kevin hollins

Hasn’t had mail in 2 weeks and prior to that the postal worker puts the mail in the wrong address,the postal worker put my checks in other peoples mailbox lucky for me they sent them back to sender,what the problem?


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (4)

Dustin Fugitt

Sunday afternoon usps driver flying up and down my street. When I went outside and told him to slow down gave me the finger and sped up. Eastside bloomington


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (5)

Jeff Hannum

Haven't received mail for 2 weeks. Called and left messages 4 times. Spoke to someone on the phone twice. Went in and spoke to someone in person. Still zero solution. Had two checks that were supposed to be delivered in that period of time. Nothing. No one seems to have a solution or is taking accountability. Never seen anything like this.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (6)


We have not received mail for the last 2 days.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (7)

Terry Sacry

Mail not picked up.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (8)

May Jadallah


Bloomington, IL Post Office is one of the best in Illinois. The staff are professional, courteous, understanding, and wonderful to work with. I have never had a negative experience since I lived in Bloomington 14 years ago. Thank you to every member of the Bloomington USPS, you guys are the BEST.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (9)

Arlene Getting


would like to get weekly ads sent to my home.How do I get them when I don’t take the news paper?Thank you


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (10)

Judy Rhodes

Mailman drove by without picking up mail - red flag is up


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (11)

Dean Gestner

When delivering an Amazon package to my address ,please put it in the mail box....NOT ON THE FLOOR OF THE MAIL ALCOVE !!!!LAZY ASS MORONS !!!


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (12)


Two months in a row, a monthly subscription package showed "delivered" on the tracking number, but no package was delivered, nor was a delivery attempted. So either my carrier is incompetent, or is a liar.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (13)

Patricia Smith

The Postal Service has gotten so bad that it's ridiculous. First the only way to talk to a person is to go to the Post Office because they DO NOT answer the phone nor do they return calls. Apparently you no longer have to be able to read in order to work there because if you do I would not receive my neighbor's mail nor mail for a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STREET that is in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ZIP CODE. Pathetic when it comes to doing a job correctly.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (14)

Kim Lange


I would like to thank the postal employees for finding my package that had lost labels and couldn't be delivered. Your help was greatly appreciated


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (15)

Erika Burk


Why do you have a phone number when no one answers. I called the local office and the 800 number. I left a message at the local office and no one calls back.You are holding our mail without our consent. We moved into our home and are not receiving our mail. We can’t get in touch with anyone. Bills are being missed because if this. Please contact me (email above) immediately so that we can get this sorted out. We cannot come into the post office.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (16)

Artize Gant


First thing first I don’t know why they have a phone number because nobody ever answers or call you back when you have a problem! Problem number 2 is our mail carrier never gets out her truck to see if our door is open so we can never get our packages unless we catch her and I been trying to call and report it but nobody answer or call back now I’m leaving this review I’m sure I’m going to get a call


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (17)

Pam moses


Tried to mail first class letters at 4:00pm today and the only mailbox was full with packages hanging out. Not sure why USPS thought we could go from at least six boxes to one when office relocated earlier this year. During COVID is not time for citizens to be forced to go inside to mail a letter. Not to mention increase expected during Christmas season.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (18)

Jack Ritter


USPS received a large package from Germany here in Bloomington, it was never attempted to be delivered. Then some clerk saw that the package had been checked to be returned to sender if it was undeliverable, so they sent it back to Germany. Original cost to ship was 147 Euros, who will pay for the package to be resent, I paid it for its first trip and it decided it did not like our USPS system.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (19)

Julie & John Nixon

We are on vacation 307 Orlando Ave, Normal IL 61761. We filled out a vacation hold card for mail to be held until we return. Our neighbor across street said there is mail in our box. I know it’s Sunday but tomorrow could you send a carrier out to remove any mail in our box & will pick it up @ Normal PO upon our return. Thanks!! Julie & John Nixon, 307 Orlando Ave, Normal IL 61761.Julie NixonPh (309)838-3639


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (20)

Shawn G.


My mail lady is awesome, I live in rural Bloomington off Robert St and she is Soo happy, friendly, leaves my packages where I ask, real great lady.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (21)

David Newmister


Whoever designed the traffic pattern for the City of Bloomington should be fired. Next time I receive something certified mail, I will wait for it to be resent via regular mail. Never retuning to this damned place.


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (22)

Jim Dodson


Paid to have a package over nighted. Was suppose be here today 1-17-2020 by noon. 1:05 pm no package. Tired to call post off many times. No answer


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (23)

Cheryl Balle


My son was to have a package delivered on 2/19 at 2:08 in Normal, IL. The package never arrived to our address. Would like to know where the mail carrier delivered this package to?


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (24)

J street

For the second time in a month the postal delivery person left our mail on the floor of our porch rather then putting in the rather large mail slot in our door. We have not had a regular delivery person in 6 months and service is very irregular


Post Office in Bloomington, IL (25)



I called to report a missing piece of mail and said the site was down and the person that answered said she would check on it and never came back to the phone! Thanks for absolutely nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!


* is not a part of, or affiliated with, theofficial United States Postal Service (USPS).

Post Office in Bloomington, IL (2024)


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