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Nurs Exam review ATI RN Fundamentals Proctored Focus 1.Can an RN delegate to the LPN to provide tracheostomy care to a client with pneumonia? 2.A nurse on a med-surg unit has received change-of-shift report & will care for 4 clients. Which of the following client's needs may the nurse assign to an assistive personnel (AP)? A. Feeding a client who was admitted 24 hrs ago w/aspiration pneumonia B. Reinforcing teaching w/a client who is learning to walk using a quad cane C. Reapplying a condom catheter for a client who has urinary incontinence D. Applying a sterile dressing to a pressure ulcer Rationale: The application of a condom catheter is a noninvasive, routine procedure that the nurse may delegate to the AP 3.A nurse is delegating the ambulation of a client who had knee arthroplasty 5 days ago to an AP. Which of the following information should the nurse share with the AP? Select All. A. The roommate is up independently. B. The client ambulates w/his slippers on over his antiembolic stockings C. The client uses a front-wheeled walker when ambulating D. The client had pain medication 30 min ago E. The client is allergic to codeine F.The client ate 50% of his breakfast this morning

4. An RN is making assignments for client care to a LPN at the beginning of the shift. Which of the following assignments should the LPN question? A. Assisting a client who is 24hr postop to use an incentive spirometer B. Collecting a clean-catch urine specimen from a client who was admitted on the previous shift C. Providing nasopharyngeal suctioning for a client who has pneumonia D. Replacing the cartridge and tubing on a PCA pump 5. A nurse is preparing an in-service program about delegation. Which of the following elements should she identify when presenting the 5 rights of delegation? Select all. A. Right client B. Right supervision/evaluation C. Right direction/communication D. Right time E. Right circ*mstances 6. A nurse manager of a med-surg unit is assigning care responsibilities for the oncoming shift. A client is awaiting transfer back to the unit from the PACU following thoracic surgery. To which staff member should the nurse assign to this client? A. Charge nurse B. RN C. LPN D. AP

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7. A nurse observes an AP reprimanding a client for not using the urinal properly. The AP tells him she will put a diaper on him if he does not use the urinal more carefully next time. Which of the following torts is the AP committing? A. Assault B. Battery C. False imprisonment D. Invasion of privacy 8. An adult client who is competent tells the nurse that he is thinking about leaving the hospital against medical advice. The nurse believes that this is not in the client's best interest, so she administers a PRN sedative med that the client has not requested along w/his usual meds. Which of the following tort has the nurse committed? A. Assault B. False imprisonment C. Negligence D. Breach of confidentiality 9. A client who will undergo neurosurgery the following week tells the nurse in the surgeon's office that he will prepare his advance directives before he goes to the hospital. Which of the following statements by the client indicates to the nurse that he understands advance directives? A. "I'd rather have my brother make decisions for me, but I know it has to be my wife." B. "I know they won't go ahead w/the surgery unless I prepare these forms." C. "I plan to write that I don't want them to keep me on a breathing machine." D. "I will get my regular doctor to approve my plan before I hand it in at the hospital."



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Nr_324_Exam_review_ATI_RN_Fundamentals_Proctored_Focus.docx (1).docx - Nursing Hero (2024)


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