Does USPS Deliver on Weekends? Saturday and Sunday Delivery Explained (2024)

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Does USPS Deliver On Weekends? Understanding USPS Weekend Services

When you're expecting a package or sending mail, knowing USPS's delivery schedule is crucial, especially when it involves weekend delivery. This comprehensive guide delves into the details of USPS's weekend delivery practices, including what services are available and how you can ensure your mail and packages are delivered when you need them.

Overview of USPS Weekend Delivery

Does USPS Deliver on Weekends?

Yes, the United States Postal Service (USPS) does offer weekend delivery. The availability of these services can depend on the type of mail or package you are sending or expecting. Here’s what you need to know about USPS weekend operations:

Saturday Delivery

  • Regular Mail: USPS delivers regular mail and Priority Mail items on Saturdays at no additional charge.

  • Priority Mail Express: This service guarantees delivery 365 days a year, including Saturdays and Sundays. However, Sunday delivery may come with a premium fee in some locations.

Sunday Delivery

  • Amazon Packages: USPS has a partnership with Amazon to deliver packages on Sundays in most major metropolitan areas.

  • Priority Mail Express: Offers guaranteed Sunday delivery for an additional fee in many locations across the United States.

Understanding USPS Weekend Services

Services That Include Weekend Delivery

1. Priority Mail Express

  • Overview: Priority Mail Express is USPS's premier service, providing the fastest delivery across the network. It offers overnight delivery 365 days a year, including weekends.

  • Sunday Delivery: While Saturday delivery is standard and included in the base price, Sunday delivery is available in many major markets for an additional charge. This makes Priority Mail Express an excellent option for urgent shipments that need to arrive even on a Sunday.

  • Service Highlights: This service includes a money-back guarantee, meaning if the package doesn't arrive by the promised time, you can apply for a refund.

2. Priority Mail

  • Overview: Priority Mail is an economical option that delivers in 1-3 business days, based on where your package starts and where it’s being sent. It combines the speed and convenience of Priority Mail Express but at a lower cost.

  • Saturday Delivery: This service includes Saturday delivery at no additional cost, making it a popular choice for both personal and business shipping needs that require fast delivery without the premium price of an express service.

  • Service Highlights: Priority Mail offers features like tracking and delivery updates, and includes insurance up to $50 for most shipments.

3. First-Class Mail

  • Overview: First-Class Mail is designed for standard-sized, single-piece envelopes and small packages weighing up to 13 ounces. It’s the best-priced service for light-weight shipments.

  • Saturday Delivery: Delivery is typically within 1-3 business days and includes Saturday delivery, which can vary depending on local postal volumes and operations.

  • Service Highlights: This service is often used for personal correspondence, business mailings, and lightweight merchandise. The cost-effectiveness and speed make it ideal for non-urgent, everyday mailing needs.

How to Ensure Weekend Delivery

1. Choose the Right Service

  • Strategic Selection: Selecting the right USPS service is crucial. For guaranteed weekend delivery, especially for critical or time-sensitive items, Priority Mail Express is your best choice. For less urgent items that still benefit from weekend processing, Priority Mail offers a great balance of speed and cost.

2. Check Local USPS Hours

  • Office Hours: Knowing the operating hours of your local post offices is essential, especially if you plan to drop off a package or need to pick up a shipment. While most post offices are open on Saturdays, hours may be reduced and locations may be closed on Sundays.

  • Impact on Delivery: Limited operating hours can affect when packages are processed and go out for delivery. Check the USPS website or contact your local post office directly for the most accurate information.

3. Track Your Package

  • Real-Time Updates: USPS provides tracking for all of its delivery services. By entering your tracking number on the USPS tracking site, you can see up-to-the-minute information on where your package is and when it's expected to arrive.

  • Benefits of Tracking: Regularly checking your package's status can help you anticipate delivery, make arrangements for receipt, and manage any delivery issues promptly. It’s especially useful for weekend deliveries when timing may be more uncertain.


Understanding USPS weekend services helps in planning and managing your mail and package deliveries effectively. Whether it's sending an urgent overnight package with Priority Mail Express or a less urgent shipment with First-Class Mail, USPS offers flexible options to meet diverse needs, including those that extend into the weekend. By choosing the right service, staying informed about post office hours, and using available tracking tools, you can ensure that your shipments are delivered when and where you need them.

USPS Weekend Delivery (FAQs)

1. Does USPS deliver on Saturdays?

  • Yes, USPS delivers on Saturdays. Saturday delivery is available for both mail and most packages, including services like Priority Mail and First-Class Mail, at no additional cost.

2. Does USPS deliver on Sundays?

  • Yes, USPS does deliver on Sundays but primarily for Priority Mail Express and Amazon packages in select areas. Sunday delivery for Priority Mail Express may incur additional charges.

3. What types of mail are delivered on weekends by USPS?

  • On weekends, USPS delivers all types of mail, including Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express, First-Class Mail, and parcels. Regular mail such as letters and postcards are typically delivered on Saturdays if they arrive at the sorting facility in time.

4. Can I receive packages from USPS on both Saturday and Sunday?

  • Yes, it is possible to receive packages on both days. Saturday delivery is standard for most services, while Sunday delivery is limited to Priority Mail Express (with an added fee in some locations) and certain Amazon packages.

5. How can I ensure my package is delivered on a weekend by USPS?

  • To increase the chances of weekend delivery, opt for Priority Mail Express, which includes weekend delivery options. Be sure to check the expected delivery date when shipping or tracking your package.

6. Is there an extra charge for USPS weekend delivery?

  • There is no extra charge for Saturday delivery with services like Priority Mail and First-Class Mail. However, there may be an additional fee for Priority Mail Express deliveries on Sundays.

7. How late does USPS deliver on weekends?

  • Delivery hours on weekends are generally the same as weekdays, which means USPS can deliver up to 5 PM or even later, depending on local logistics and mail volume.

8. Does USPS deliver Priority Mail on Sundays?

  • While Priority Mail does not generally include Sunday delivery, it can happen in some high-volume areas, especially during the holiday season. Regular Sunday delivery is mostly reserved for Priority Mail Express.

9. What should I do if I expect a USPS delivery over the weekend but it hasn't arrived?

  • Use the tracking number provided by USPS to check the status of your delivery. If there are any issues or delays shown in the tracking information, contact USPS customer service for assistance.

10. Are all USPS post offices open on Saturdays?

  • Not all USPS post offices are open on Saturdays, and those that are may have limited hours. Check the USPS website or contact your local post office directly to confirm Saturday hours.

11. Can I schedule a specific delivery time with USPS for the weekend?

  • USPS does not offer scheduled delivery times. Deliveries are based on route schedules and mail volume, so specific timing cannot be guaranteed.

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Does USPS Deliver on Weekends? Saturday and Sunday Delivery Explained (2024)


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