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Bluegabe and Kelly Young broke up? Well, you read that right! But before coming to that, for those who are not aware of who Bluegabe and Kelly Young are and the reason behind their popularity, we got you covered. Here, we will provide you with both their introductions along with the explanation of their news of the breakup.

Gabriel Arrington, popularly known as Bluegabe is a very popular American YouTuber, who started his YouTube channel on May 8, 2012, with the video titled, “Monster Lake Okeechobee Bluegills {Catch Clean Cook} BlueGabe episode 1.” Since the beginning of his new adventure as a Youtuber till date, his videos have received several views due to all the unique adventures he has been filming.

Bluegabe’s contents mainly include details of his hunting and fishing trips as well as some moments from his daily life. Gabriel’s energetic and energetic personality and beautiful visuals of nature, along with entertaining content, have earned him millions of viewers. If you are fond of traveling and love fishing, then Bluegabe’s channel is the best place for you to virtually experience these experiences.


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Bluegabe and Kelly Young Breakup: What Happened to Their Adventure? - OtakuCart (1)

The 40-year-old YouTuber has earned quite a lot through this career choice. As of 2023 reports, Gabriel has a net worth of around $500,000, making him one of the highest-paid YouTubers. Bluegabe’s channel, as of April 2023, has 7,77000 followers, with 397 videos. He maintains a schedule of uploading three videos per week.

Some of his popular videos include “CRAZIEST IGUANA CATCH EVER!!!!!! CATCH CLEAN & COOK, BLUEGABE Style,” “Catching *WILD HOGS* with DOGS off a GIANT SWAMP BUGGY (Catch & Cook Bluegabe Style),” “Once in a LIFETIME catch in a HUGE NET!! (CATCH CLEAN & COOK),” “CAST NETTING THOUSANDS of FISH in a POTHOLE full of GIANT GATORS,” and several others.

On the other hand, 25-year-old Kelly Young is also an American YouTuber, whose niche includes fishing, fitness, and travel. Starting her channel in 2015, Kelly Young has earned a huge number of subscribers and viewers to her YouTube channel, “Kelly Young.” Through her videos, other than enjoying fishing and traveling, she also provides some educational videos and daily life videos.

Having a net worth of around $300,000, Kelly Young is also one of the highly paid YouTubers. Her energetic and cheerful nature along with the exciting adventures which she embarks on, sometimes alone and sometimes with her friends and colleagues, have captured a lot of attention. She has gained hundreds of thousands of fans, who are avid watchers of her content.

Bluegabe and Kelly Young Breakup: What Happened to Their Adventure? - OtakuCart (2)

Kelly Young’s YouTube channel, as of 2023, has 350,000 subscribers and more than 280 videos of unique yet exciting adventures. Some of Kelly Young’s popular videos include “Beautiful GIRLS TRIP to Ichetucknee Springs,” “SHRIMPING {Catch and Cook} & Snorkeling in CRYSTAL CLEAR Water!,” “Battling the BIGGEST Fish of my LIFE! **Huge Tuna** (Catch & Sashimi),” “Filleting an AP & Surprise Inside the Stomach!” and many more.

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Bluegabe And Kelly Young Break Up: Everything You Need To Know

There is not much information about how Bluegabe and Kelly Young met or got into a relationship. But the duo has featured in each other’s videos several times. In many videos, Bluegabe is seen traveling and fishing with Kelly Young along with his two kids, Luke (7 Years old) and Jake (12 years old), and his pet dog, Jack Russel. All of them seemed happy together like a family in the videos.

Bluegabe and Kelly have been appreciated by their fans for their great teamwork while supporting and motivating one another in their adventures and aspirations. Although the couple seemed to be in a happy relationship, Bluegabe’s relationship status shows married. Bluegabe has refused to give out any information about his wife, therefore, the public is not yet aware of his wife’s identity. But it is clear from his videos that he has two sons with her.

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The breakup news of the couple sparked in December 2022, after Bluegabe stopped uploading content featuring Kelly Young. The last video of the couple together is titled, “Yellowtail Snapper Catch & Cook on a Deserted Beach in the Middle of Paradise!” which was released one year ago.

After a few months after the release of the last video with Kelly, when Bluegabe introduced Crystal as his girlfriend, it was automatically confirmed that Bluegabe and Kelly has broken up. For the past 7 months, Gabriel has been uploading content featuring Crystal and his kids, who are seen to be enjoying their fishing and hunting expeditions a lot together.

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Some of the recent videos in which Bluegabe has introduced Crystal as his girlfriend include “Tropical Island Island Catch Clean & Cook (Blue Runner vs Pompano),” “Fried Frog Toes (Catch & Cook Bull Frog),” “We Found the Best Hidden Fishing Spot Ever! (Gar, Bass, and Turkey Catch & Cook),” and many others.

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Bluegabe and Kelly Young Breakup: What Happened to Their Adventure? - OtakuCart (2024)


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